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Stanley V.Campbell (Chairman and CEO)

Deborah Fryar ( Director of Acquisition)

Neal Janey( V.P. of Government and Legal Affairs)

Eugene O'Leary ( V.P. Channel Operations)

Rick Sales (V.P of Enterprise Application)

Betty Jackson (Director of Operation and Training)

Keith E. Taylor( President and COO)
Sharon Pratt ( Executive V.P. Strategy and Government Operations)

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Rick Sales

Mr. Sales has proven ability managing the details of multiple government (federal and DoD) IT projects. He has successfully managed small-to-large projects through the entire systems life cycle including user acceptance, change management and training. As Vice President, Enterprise Applications, he is primarily responsible for the overall management and growth of our Veterans Affairs (VA) account. He commands a solid understanding of government procurement, financial and regulation processes. His federal experience enables him to relate directly to federal customers and assist them through the business case, buy-in and oversight responsibilities. He has a recognized ability to relate to high level customers and offer appropriate solutions.
Mr. Sales specializes in the implementation of enterprise federal financial, procurement, grants and information systems. This includes developing and managing project scope and schedule, directing multi-tasked teams, formulating the system life cycle costs calculating the return on investment. He has hands-on experience implementing and maintaining federal financial systems, including numerous ERP products, such as Oracle, SAP and Momentum. He has directed requirements analysis, technical reviews of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, cost-benefit studies and business process re-engineering. He prepared the appropriate documentation and won approval for capital investments.
Mr. Sales has extensive federal information technology experience with a number of large federal and DoD agencies in a variety of areas. At the Department of Veterans Affairs his primary focus was the implementation and integration of financial systems and enterprise data management. At the Department of Labor he directed the selection and implementation of the enterprise procurement/grants system. He assisted the Weapons Reduction and Abatement office at the Department of State with the re-engineering of work processes. At the U.S. Air Force he provided program management support of the enterprise information management system. Mr. Sales is a trusted advisor to the BI Solutions government and commercial clients and serves as one of the most versatile members of the company team.


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