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Stanley V.Campbell (Chairman and CEO)

Deborah Fryar ( Director of Acquisition)

Neal Janey( V.P. of Government and Legal Affairs)

Eugene O'Leary ( V.P. Channel Operations)

Rick Sales (V.P of Enterprise Application)

Betty Jackson (Director of Operation and Training)

Keith E. Taylor( President and COO)
Sharon Pratt ( Executive V.P. Strategy and Government Operations)

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News & Events

BI Solutions Stanley Campbell to speak at the Homeland Security Forum, National Press Club, Washington DC June 4, 2009. This workshop is hosted by Government Executive in conjunction with SAP with a target audience of organizations to include DHS, Dept. of State, USDA, HHS, state and local public security and law enforcement, USACE and National Guard. The Key Note speaker for this event is the Honorable Janet Napolitano who was sworn in on January 21, 2009 as the third Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The purpose of the event is to share ideas and best practices from Government and industry and to help highlight the relevant issues for organizations focused on Homeland Security. Mr. Campbell will address issues which are intended to set the stage for how technology can help these organizations address their most critical needs.

Bermuda’s Royal Gazette applauds Energy Minister Terry Lister and his team at the Department of Energy for their work in producing the Green Paper on Energy. “As a discussion paper it is almost a model of its kind laying out the issues facing the Island clearly and comprehensively and then outlining the solutions”. Business Intelligence Solutions is the Department of Energy’s consultant for purposes of developing the sustainable energy Green Paper. March 4, 2009.

ICAN Benefits (Boca Raton, Florida) and Business Intelligence Solutions forge historic partnership around government health benefits/technology management solutions. January 2. 2009.

Stanley Campbell, Business Intelligence CEO, is SAP Business Objects featured presenter for the September Webinar focused on how business intelligence tools can transform public safety. September 25, 2008.


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