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Stanley V.Campbell (Chairman and CEO)

Deborah Fryar ( Director of Acquisition)

Neal Janey( V.P. of Government and Legal Affairs)

Eugene O'Leary ( V.P. Channel Operations)

Rick Sales (V.P of Enterprise Application)

Betty Jackson (Director of Operation and Training)

Keith E. Taylor( President and COO)
Sharon Pratt ( Executive V.P. Strategy and Government Operations)

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Commitment to Quality

Business Intelligence Solutions is committed to the highest quality of service and products for our customer base. Business Intelligence Solutions utilizes Best of Breed practices in all our undertakings. We adhere to the principles associated with Systems Engineering and Software Development such as CMMi and SEI CMM.

We have established an independent Quality Assurance Group (QAG) which is headed by the CEO and reviews all major programs and implementations at the Kick Off point and when necessary at the delivery stage prior to release to our clients.

The BI Solutions quality performance measures are designed to deliver products and services that meet or exceed their specified requirements, on time and within budget. Our quality plan is also designed to provide continuous improvement to our processes, products and services, thereby allowing our clients to receive the best possible solutions at the earliest possible time in the project life-cycle.


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