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Stanley V.Campbell (Chairman and CEO)

Deborah Fryar ( Director of Acquisition)

Neal Janey( V.P. of Government and Legal Affairs)

Eugene O'Leary ( V.P. Channel Operations)

Rick Sales (V.P of Enterprise Application)

Betty Jackson (Director of Operation and Training)

Keith E. Taylor( President and COO)
Sharon Pratt ( Executive V.P. Strategy and Government Operations)

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BI Solutions believes that diversity serves as the foundation of our core values in leadership, and operational competence. The company operates within the diversity of global marketplace, our long-term success depends on our commitment to hiring, developing, and retaining the single most competent staff of talented individuals who themselves are encouraged in working with the best of the best.

At BI Solutions, we proactively approach diversity in the same fashion as any other business development activity, with a commitment to developing a strategy and advancing the tactics throughout each phase of employment. Diversity in ethnic background, in sexual orientation and in health and welfare all serve as core business values which are essential to the goals and objectives of our overall mission of providing the absolute best and most competent staff, best of breed approaches, and leading edge technology to our most significant business and governmental challenge of our time. We have focused our staff investments on developing and strategic initiatives to grow future leaders, improve work force diversity, and expand training opportunities to the best and brightest individuals within the local talent pool. As we offer these best and brightest individuals to the world and as we attract from the world's diverse talent pool we remain assured that our commitment to diversity is one of our companies most valued and recognized assets.


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