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Stanley V.Campbell (Chairman and CEO)

Deborah Fryar ( Director of Acquisition)

Neal Janey( V.P. of Government and Legal Affairs)

Eugene O'Leary ( V.P. Channel Operations)

Rick Sales (V.P of Enterprise Application)

Betty Jackson (Director of Operation and Training)

Keith E. Taylor( President and COO)
Sharon Pratt ( Executive V.P. Strategy and Government Operations)

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Eugene O'Leary

Eugene O’Leary has over 30 years experience as senior law enforcement executive with extensive investigative, management and information technology experience. Mr. O’Leary served as Inspector-Deputy Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Information Resources Division. In this role and in his role as Acting Assistant Director, Mr. O’Leary managed the FBI’s world-wide infrastructure (secure wide and local area networks) and data operations. He also developed, operated and maintained the FBI’s data systems and ensured data security. Mr. O’Leary is a Charter Member of the FBI’s Security Council. Gene O’Leary maintains his Top Secret with Sensitive Compartmented Information Access Security Clearance.


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